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June 2010



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Jun. 2nd, 2020


(no subject)

or, well, it's not like I'm on here much anymore. I'm trying to get back, but mostly I just use this for memories rn.
I like friends though.

Jun. 19th, 2010



Click for bigger.

Well, so. I was drawing yesterday and it was supposed to be the Gerard Way of mcrnut's bbb (Of Love and Superpowers, go read it, it's amazing). But then it didn't quit turn out like him. And my drawing skills is very uhm. Not so great. I'm getting better though.
I was going to colour this, but then I realized I was going to fuck it up. And I can't colour anything in photoshop, seriously. ugh.

Jan. 7th, 2010


doodle - Frank/Gerard

364 words, inspired from the 31.12.08 prompt at we_are_cities.
Frank/Gerard, pg.
tardcud read through it and corrected a few things. Only because I show her everything I write, she is awesome like that. I don't really read through what I write, so all faults and badly phrased sentences are mine.
I only read it when I've posted it, and then I read it until I think it's so bad I'm surprised I ever put it up. 

I've been reading a little too much Erlend Loe the past weeksCollapse )

Second fic in just as many days. All thanks to the amazing tumblr I've found.
This is obv. not real.

You've got no idea how boring it is to edit the css for a new layout. I gave up for the simple reason that it is so much more fun to do everything from scratch.

Jan. 6th, 2010


A Love Letter About Friendship [1/1] Jon/Ryan

Inspired by the 24.12.09 prompt at we_are_cities.

A Love Letter About Friendship
Author: synthvirus
Pairing: Jon/Ryan (gen, but only kind of)
Rating: g/pg
Word count: 580
Disclaimer: Not real, I don't own them etcetc.
Warning: Weed. If that even needs a warning.
Summary: You remember that time when we went ice skating? - A letter from Jon to Ryan.

I wrote this at work one day, when I felt inspired for once. I should have written the report I was supposed to write instead, but there didn’t come any words before I opened this up and wrote it all down.
This is for you, and I love you and miss you. You make me all hipster and romantic.

To George Ryan Ross.
A Love Letter About FriendshipCollapse )
Yours sincerely, Jonathan Jacob Walker.

Crossposted to we_are_cities and stonersinlove

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Jul. 29th, 2009


doodle - Ryan/Spencer

Badly written doodle inspired from the 21.07.09 prompt at we_are_cities.
Ryan/Spencer. pg, I think.
Not corrected very much.

I wonder where my writing skills took off.
(Also, going to fix everything at this journal when I'm home again.)

For what it's worthCollapse )


One day, I'm going to be better at this.


Jun. 2nd, 2009

patrick stump

Doing wrong turns right [1/1] Pete/Patrick (or anyone)

Title: Doing wrong turns right
Pairing: Written as Pete/Patrick, (with a slight mention of Pete/Ashlee) but could be anyone.
Author: synthvirus
Rating: PG
P.O.V.: first, Pete's
Disclaimer: Fake
Summary: Even though I know I can, I won't.
Word count: 600
Warnings: Nothing special. Kind of angsty.

Inspired by the we_are_cities post posted at May 31st 2009.

I suck at titles, btw.

Left is right.Collapse )

May. 26th, 2009

brendon urie

Remember [1/1] Brendon/Spencer

Title: Remember
Pairing: (past) Brendon/Spencer
Author: synthvirus
Beta: tardcud
Rating: PG
P.O.V.: third, Brendon's
Disclaimer: Never happened, blahblahblah
Summary: It would never be his.
Warnings: Angst.
A/N: tardcud pretty much forced me to post this, so here it is.
I guess it's okay enough, I can't really write anything good anymore.

(Christine suck at titles, FYI.)

RememberCollapse )

May. 22nd, 2009

emilie autumn

_/!mmYs h4xx0r 5t0ri3s [1/1] Jimmy Urine/various

Title: _/!mmYs h4xx0r 5t0ri3s
Bands: Mindless Self Indulgence, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, Cobra Starship
Pairing: Jimmy Urine: /Gerard, /Gabe, /Pete, /Brendon, /Gabe/Mikey
Author: tardcud & synthvirus
Beta: mcrnut
Rating: NC-17
P.O.V.: third
Disclaimer: We own nothing and this never happened, as we all know.
Summary: Jimmy is cursed.
Warnings: Nothing much, just sex. Quite a lot of pr0n, actually.
A/N: I wanted a Jimmy Urine fic, Christine promised to write. Unfortunately Christine sucked too much to ever start, so I helped her with the beginning. Which eventually turned out with Christine writing the sex, I the rest. Just because we are awesome like that.
Also very much thanks to mcrnut for betaing. Amalie is the most awesome you can ever put into a person. All remaining mistakes are our own.

_/!mmYs h4xx0r 5t0ri3sCollapse )

Mar. 17th, 2009

emilie autumn

A Place to Hide [1/1] Gerard/Frank

Title: A Place to Hide
Pairing: Gerard/Frank?
Author: synthvirus
Rating: PG
P.O.V.: Franks. Or Gerards. Who knows?
Disclaimer: I don't want to own anyone, and fortunately I don't. Total fiction. Err... Totally inspired by White Lies. If you're into them, I'm sorry to say you will find a little too much of them in this text. If you're not into them: get into them. Oh, and the title also totally belongs to them.
Summary: From unfinished business to a place to hide.
Warnings: Did I manage to get any misery into this at all?
A/N: Once again, I'm sorry to say there is so much of White Lies in this text. But I needed to write it, as their lyrics and my thoughts mixed in my head and I needed to get it down (and out).

[You'll find it here.]

Jan. 5th, 2009

emilie autumn

Sickness [1/1] Gerard/Frank

Yay, first fan fiction posted.

Title: Sickness
Pairing: Frank/Gerard
Author: synthvirus
Rating: R
P.O.V: Franks
Disclaimer: I own no one, but I do own the story and the way the words come after each other.
Summary: Drugs and addiction. One thing doesn't have to have anything to do with the rest. It is just a life as everyone know it.
Warnings: Character death, sex, drug abuse etc.
A/N: This is just random writing. I was planning on making a chaptered fic out of this, and I got many positive feedbacks when I posted it on HBM. However, I have decided not to because I'm always loosing my patience writing these long stories.

[You'll find it here]