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In my dreams I'm there

I've come a long way to get here

Whatever. Name's JB. I was JB before the lesbian boy Justin Bieber came around. (Ok, the name's not quite that, but it's close. I'd like to keep being a little bit anonym, at least, haha.)

As much as I love coding and shit, I'm too fucking lazy to fix this journal. Not that I get many readers on anything I write anyway, it's pretty shit. I miss my writing skills (and patience to read books). And the fact that rambling is something I started with when the internet started to steal all my spare time, back in '05 or '06 or something. When I was a teeny, tiny girl with no more life than drooling over emos and wishing I knew them and wanted to become one. Lol, let's just say I'm way cooler now. I can even buy my own alcohol and rape ebay with my own cards.

My life consists of being mean, anxious and pretending to do school work (while I in reality am out drinking coffee and smoking myself to death). And wow, don't I sound like a cool and tough hardcore hipster girl.

(The reality is the fact that I sit inside and play bubble shooter and robot unicorn attack until my arms fall of. And think about how much I'd like to smoke some weed, but not actually doing it much.
And sometimes I'm actually out drinking wine or beer. Or I'm just doing it at home, by myself.)